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YOU NEED THIS SITE because of the thousands and thousands of Wedding, Baby, and other event paper products in on-line stores, finding a whole set of COORDINATING items is VERY frustrating.  Therefore, we made this system to be your portal to our Zazzle Store so you can EASILY find every Wedding invitation piece or part you need for your most important day, in the most organized system available.  So follow along and you'll be AMAZED at how FUN and EASY this part of your Wedding planning can be.

1 - Review the STYLES available, and choose which fits your Wedding or Baby theme and decor.

2 - In each style are the DESIGNS we offer, so pick any of these the same way.

3 - Finally, go and buy the COLOR that matches the scheme of your Wedding or Baby motif.

With this site, you will stay the most organized with your Wedding products, and quickly be choosing the most consistent items that match each other throughout that Suite.

PLEASE BE PATIENT;  You have access to hundreds of links and pages in this site, all created to help you find the products you want, but it may be slow on some computers or devices.  But, once your device "learns" what you are looking at it should get faster and faster.  Everything does function as we describe on these pages, so please be patient and they will all work for you in a few seconds, if not immediately.

FOR BEST RESULTS;  PLEASE USE a Computer and Monitor, with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to view ALL our Invitation items and colors!  On Mobile Devices, the Collections diamonds function, but the individual links shown for every product are too small to view.  THANK YOU. 

Start Here


On the ELEGANT, FLORAL, SIMPLEABSTRACT or BABY pages, click on any 1 and your browser will open a window to that EXACT item!  NOTE: to be easiest for you, have both browsers next to each other, like this, because you'll be coming back to this site again and again (dual monitors is absolutely the easiest way to see and choose products, but is not required).  Also, while you are browsing and doing lots of back and forth from here to Zazzle, you will want to close the Zazzle browser every time until you find just the item you want to order.  If you don't, you'll end up with dozens of open pages and may get confused.


With any item opened in our Zazzle Store, go ahead and make yourself an account and password so when you decide on items to purchase you can place them in your Shopping Cart.  Don't worry about closing the browser with the Zazzle store open, because the cart will always keep the items you've chosen (for months and months actually).

ItemOptns 2
ItemOptns 4


While striving to provide you with a variety of choices for some items, several of our products have multiple options.  In the spreadsheets you will see many items have a 2 or 3 number instead of just the number 1.  This means that there are two or three different options for that one item.  For instance, click on this 2 and see it jump you out to a hidden page that shows two options for Wedding Planners.  When you want to see one of the options in our Zazzle store, just click it to jump out to that Zazzle item exactly like the check marks would.  LOOK CLOSELY at notes in  YELLOW BOXES because some options for you may be subtle.  Like these 4 invitations all look alike, but you can choose either "The Wedding OF...." (with first, or first and last names) OR "..Our Wedding.." (also with first, or first and last names).

COLLECTIONS;  We have ALL the items in each specific Color and Design already organized in what Zazzle calls COLLECTIONS.  Those can be viewed by clicking on the colored     diamond, just below the COLORS in our spreadsheets.  In this collection area in our Zazzle store, every piece that is available in that COLOR and DESIGN are viewable.

Zazzle Hows

ZAZZLE, Whys and Hows;

WHY?  Zazzle is a global corporation assisting thousands of designers by manufacturing their products to very high quality, with dependable service.  No single seller like us can produce every item in their store, but Zazzle has affiliates in every field of production that can.  Whether you purchase our Wedding items from this portal, or some other of our Household products in our BeachPauseDesigns store, those orders are filled through Zazzle and their suppliers who actually make the paper products and other household items.

HOW?  As you navigate around our site, you will be clicking these NUMBERS and your device will open a separate web page with that exact product in our Zazzle store.  The first time in there we suggest you create an account for yourself, like most on-line stores need, so you don't lose products when your computer is off.

INSIDE ZAZZLE;  Once in our Zazzle store, like this, you can see other views of the item, will personalize your product here, and then add it to your shopping cart.  You can update the quantity of that item in the shopping cart as well.  When you are satisfied with that product choice, just come back to THIS site and continue picking the items you need because they will be CONSISTENT products with the others you have already chosen.  You'll see this is the most ORGANIZED method for getting all the products you need.

BE CAREFUL, because Zazzle has millions of items it will be extremely easy to get lost in that sea of products and lose focus on choosing your Wedding or Baby items.  However, feel free to swim in that sea and browse all you want to experience, but when you are serious about ordering the perfect Wedding items PLEASE RETURN TO THIS SITE.


F A Qs / Frequently Asked Questions;

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions, to help you navigate these products.


Is the GUARANTEE real?  YES, the 100% guarantee is detailed here in The Zazzle Promise.  A return must be within 30 days, and FULL REFUNDS given except for shipping.  Some exclusions apply, so make sure to CLICK HERE again to read everything about the guarantee.

How is the product Consistency?  We make ALL our products as perfect as absolutely possible, keeping design characteristics and font sizes consistent, checking and rechecking positioning and evenness, and making all items uniform within their particular Style and Design.

What is "Quik-Click"?   It's the easiest way to see ANY item you are viewing in the real store where you'll purchase it.  Just click on any NUMBER and you'll be taken straight to the Zazzle store and the product you have chosen.  The product view will be in a separate window every time, so you should close those Zazzle windows as you leave or they will accumulate excessively.

What are the numbers 2, or 3, or 6 for?  The number in the spreadsheet means there are more than one option for that specific item.  Clicking on that NUMBER will open a hidden page to show you all those options.  Then, to get to that one product in our Zazzle store, just click on which one you want.

Can you do it all for me?  YES, of course we can do everything you need for your Wedding or Baby invitations and documents, in a separate project between just you and us.  Simply start by filling in this questionaire, e-mail it to us at the Gmail account on the form, and we will be glad to provide you a cost estimate for the whole package.  Once you approve the cost estimate we would need a credit card to secure full payment.  This will be necessary because the orders will be delivered straight to your address and we won't even see them.  If any item is not acceptable you can return them to Zazzle and get a refund, we will not need to get the refund for you.

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