WELCOME to Invitation Suites  My name is Ann, and I create customizable Invitations and Announcements of ANY type for you to personalize for your special event.

This store has been created from my wanting the absolute best paper products for MY OWN wedding!  You will find these designs exclusively on Zazzle, an American online print-on-demand marketplace serving customers worldwide.  Print-on-demand means items are only printed when they are ordered, enabling YOU, to personalize them to your exact specifications making them unique, one of a kind products.

Early on, my husband John observed my struggles to try and make a system that would give our Customers EVERY item they need, in whatever Style, Design and Color they fell in love with.  Like any new business, I examined other paper product sellers and noticed that I LOVED something, like their Invitation, but didn't find their RSVP.  Or, I very much liked the Wedding Ceremony Card, found the same style Invitation, but the reception Menu Cards were missing.  These situations were a huge frustration for John too, because as an Engineer he always wants to "FIX" things!  His involvement has resulted in this entire website and interractive system based on a simple spreadsheet layout for YOU to easily find ALL wedding products in ALL the Styles, Designs and Colors offered.

We hope you enjoy using this website and our Zazzle store.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or special requests.


Ann and  John